February: Real Food Films Top Ten

Real Food Films is the first-ever international competition to celebrate short films on sustainable food and farming. We will be screening the top 10 submissions from this year, along with an additional short called Green Bronx Machine.






March: Apple Pushers

The Apple Pushers, written and directed by Mary Mazzio, narrated by Edward Norton, and underwritten by the Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Fund, follows immigrant street vendors who are rolling fresh fruits and vegetables into poorer neighborhoods of New York where finding a fresh red ripe apple can be a serious challenge.

April: Hot Grease

Set in Houston, Texas in the shadow of the nation’s oil industry, Hot Grease tells the surprising story of how the biodiesel industry is turning an ostensibly worthless raw material-spent kitchen grease-into a green energy source capable of fueling all of the trains, ships and trucks throughout the country–if it can overcome the powerful forces working against it. Featuring innovators, entrepreneurs, grease collectors and supporters like Senator Al Franken, HOT GREASE follows the battle for biodiesel’s future and it’s very survival. Directed and produced by Sam Wainwright Douglas, Paul Lovelace, and Jessica Wolfson. Cinematography by Andrew Alden Miller.


May: Rotten, Episode 2: The Peanut Problem

As food allergies skyrocket, scientists race to understand what’s changed in our bodies, while farmers and chefs contend with new challenges. Rotten is a Netflix documentary series that dives deep into the food production underworld. This episode looks at the real dangers behind your everyday eating habits.





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